Did you know?

Did you know?

The love story of Vraz and Ljubica
During the period of Illyrianism and while on a trip to Samobor, Slovenian poet Stanko Vraz met and fell in love with Juliana Cantilly, whom the people of Samobor love to call Ljubica. Their love was impossible. She was forced to marry another, but soon afterwards fell ill and died. The first four lines of the poem "Đulabije" are engraved on her tombstone.

Face, eyes, mouth
Three little words
Come together to create
Countless poems

Interesting facts - Žumberak Samoborsko gorje Nature Park

…that the park territory is habitat for 30 species of orchid!

Dragojla Jarnević (1812-1874) Karlovac writer, Illyrian poet, was the first person recorded to mountain climb in Croatia. In 1843, she climbed up along the Okić cliff in Samoborsko gorje, and recorded the climb in the book Dnevnik (Journal, reissued in 2000 in Karlovac)

On 17 and 18 May 1875, the first social mountaineering outing in Croatia was organized and well known scientists and natural scientists were among the participants. The outing commenced on the evening of 17 May by train from Zagreb to Podsused and then by raft to Samobor. In the morning, on 18 May, the route was taken from Rude to Oštrc, Preseka, Poljanice to Plešivica. The first outing was described by Dr. Đuro Pilar in the journal Obzor (Horizon).

Iron viewing pyramid on the peak Mt. Japetić in Samoborsko gorje, was originally installed on Sljeme, the peak of Mt. Medvednica on 7 July 1889. The construction of the pyramid, weighing in at 8357 kg, cost 3,172 forinths. After spending 70 years at the peak of Mt. Medvednica, the pyramid was moved to Mt. Japetić in 1960, where it still stands today.

Budinjak type helmet - one of two bronze helmets found in the prince's graves (necropolis find at Budinjak), representing the only fully preserved example of one of six different types of later Iron age helmets in central Europe.

Cultivation of lavender in the Zagreb region - for years, lavender has been successfully grown in the Jastrebarsko and Plešivice regions, and each year the number of farmers is increasing. The processing plant Ireks Aroma operates in Jastrebarsko.

Beavers in the Žutica Forest near Ivanić-Grad
The first pair of beavers was brought here from Bavaria in 1996. During 1997 and 1998, a total of 47 beavers were released here and have been very successful in the Žutica forest. They have built their dams and begun their regular rhythm of life. Hunting of the beaver is strictly prohibited.

Andautonia - the old, Roman city is situated in the present day village of Ščitarjevo between Zagreb and Velika Gorica. This city on the Roman state road Siscia - Poetovio (Sisak - Ptuj) was once the commercial, economic and cultural centre of the region. The city was destroyed in the 5th century AD during the Migration of the Peoples. Exploration to date has uncovered the remnants of streets, thermal baths, old grindstones, while many coins, some jewellery, dishes, oil lanterns, sculptures and frescos have also been found.