Arrival by car

Arrival by car

There are two main motorway routes passing through Zagreb County.

The main motorway is the A1, which continues upon the road corridors from Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest, leading down to Split and Dubrovnik across all of Central Croatia.

The A3 motorway connects the routes from Western Europe through the border crossing at Bregana, to the Middle East through Belgrade, Skopje and Greece.

Thanks to the newly-constructed tunnels and motorway routes across Croatia, you can drive anywhere within Croatia from the Zagreb County, rather swiftly and comfortably.

380km of motorway is between you and Split, 145km to Rijeka, and around 500km of scenic drive through the heart of Lika and Dalmatia, to Dubrovnik.

On the other side, it won't take you more than an hour to Ljubljana (140km); while Budapest and Vienna are at a distance of around 400km.